Monday Highlights

The Teratology Society engages in scientific exchange throughout the day on Monday

Monday's program includes a number of sessions aligned with this year's theme of "Global Perspectives in Teratology".  The day will start with the Teratology Society-European Teratology Society Exchange lecture, which will reveal the serious implications of risk-based regulations vs. those based only on intrinsic hazard.  If you know the difference  between risk and hazard, you'll want to come to hear the perspectives from both sides of the Atlantic.  If you don't know the difference, even more reason to attend!  

This will be followed by another session impacting upon global public health - the March of Dimes/Public Affairs Symposium on Vitamin D Deficiency in Pregnancy and Neonatal Development.  This symposium will review and discuss the role of Vitamin D in pregnancy, development, adulthood and in disease prevention and to review the science supporting the RDA recommendations from the Institute of Medicine for dietary allowance of Vitamin D.  The Teratology Society and March of Dimes have jointly organized sessions presented during the annual meeting for more than a decade.  The efforts of the Public Affairs Committee of the Teratology Society are greatly appreciated as well.

The morning will also include a series of nine platform presentations with a focus on Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms.

In the afternoon we are priviledged to have several program officers from various agencies with us to speak in a workshop entitled: "Grant Funding Organizations: Their Priorities and Upcoming Opportunities Workshop" As research funding is so fundamental to a research society such as ours, please take full advantage of this unique opportunity to talk directly with representatives from these organizations.

Pregnancy Registry Workshop: This joint session Teratology Society and OTIS will provide an overview of experiences with conducting of pregnancy registries, the challenges and opportunities, the justifications,  as well as the issues that surround the interpretation and release of the collected data.

Wiley-Blackwell Symposium: Organized by the Teratology Society Publications Committee, this year's topic is Computational Embryology: Integration and Modeling of Developmental Mechanisms.  Come learn more about some of the hottest cutting edge science and tools in this rapdily emerging area of developmental toxicology.  PosterSession

Prior to the evening Poster Session, a special lecture co-sponsored with OTIS will be given by Past-President Tony Scialli and will be titled: "How to Communicate Data from the National Birth Defects Prevention Study".  

Hope you enjoy a full day of cutting edge science impacting all corners of the globe!


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