Teratology Society Rebrand/Name Exploration

Dear Teratology Society Members,

As you are aware, last winter, as part of our Strategic Planning process, Teratology Society members were surveyed on a variety of topics regarding the current and future direction of the Society. Results of the survey were used to inform topics and discussion at a Strategic Planning meeting which convened last April as well as further discussions at the Annual Meeting in Denver in June.

One area which the survey and further discussions explored was that of the name of the Society. As reported at the 2017 Business Meeting, the member survey and further discussions identified concerns that the term “teratology” is not well known among policy makers, funding agencies, students and trainees. It was felt that the term teratology may no longer represent who our current and potential future members are and what they do.

Subsequently, we conducted a second member survey this past Fall to delve into this issue further. A summary of the survey results is as follows:

  1. There were 185 respondents (representing a 28% response rate).
  2. Feelings about current name: 51% like very much or somewhat, 34% neutral, 15% dislike somewhat or very much
  3. How name relates to career: 66% relates very well or somewhat well, 15% neutral, 19% does not relate so well or at all
  4. Effectiveness at describing society: 31% very or extremely effective, 41% somewhat effective, 28% not effective or not so effective
  5. Do scientists outside society relate to name: 19% yes, 44% no, 37% unsure
  6. Would you like society to consider rebrand that involves a name change: 59% yes, 41% no
  7. Suggestions for alternate names included in full survey report
  8. Fifty-nine members indicated a willingness to participate in a working group to explore potential rebrand/name change.
  9. The full report is available HERE.

Each of the 59 volunteers (#8 above) has been invited to participate in a focus group. Focus groups will convene via conference call during the month of February. If you would like to become involved in this process, please contact Heather Carskaddan at hcarskaddan@teratology.org as soon as possible.

Thank you.

1 Comment

Exciting to see progress on rebranding

February 6, 2018 08:39 PM by Kary Ellen Thompson, PhD

Alan, Thank you for sharing this; very interesting to see the pulse of the membership. I'd be interesting in joining the focus group on the rebranding effort.

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