Teratology Society Multidisciplinary Research Needs Workshop–Call for Input

Dear Colleagues, 

It has been clear throughout the history of the Teratology Society that what sets us apart and what members value most is our multidisciplinary nature. The ability to bring together diverse perspectives from basic research, toxicology, clinical practice, epidemiology, and regulatory puts us in a unique position to identify and address emerging issues related to the causes and prevention of birth defects in a truly translational approach.

This theme is once again strongly represented throughout our 2017-2022 Strategic Map, with strategic priorities that include “Advance Emerging and Fundamental Science;” “Advocate for Resources for the Field;” and an overarching strategic priority of “Leverage the Multidisciplinary Nature of the Society to Ensure Translational Impact.” More specific strategic objectives include “Encourage Multidisciplinary Collaborations” and “Understand Personnel, Research and Training Needs in the Field.”

In keeping with these priorities, we are introducing a new session at this year’s Annual Meeting entitled “Multidisciplinary Research Needs Workshop.” The session will be held on Tuesday from 4:30 pm until 6:00 pm. The intent of this session is to identify research gaps and/or emerging issues in our field and facilitate multidisciplinary discussion and collaborations on these issues. To help structure the session, potential topics will be gathered through general and targeted survey of our members prior to the meeting to identify common themes and potential ideas.

The purpose of this communication is to introduce this concept to our members, and to encourage you to participate in the forthcoming survey and the session.

The session is still in the early planning phase, and we welcome anyone interested in participating in the session planning. Please contact one of the session chairs Peter Langlois (peter.langlois@dshs.texas.gov or 512-776-6183) or Bill Slikker (William.slikker@fda.hhs.gov or 870-543-7517) if interested.

Kind regards,  

Dana Shuey 
Program Chair

Peter Langlois and Bill Slikker
Workshop Co-chairs 


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