Cast Your Vote for Teratology Leadership before Midnight Tuesday May 22

The Teratology Society’s Nominations and Elections Committee has selected the candidates for this year’s election. This year we will be electing a Vice President-Elect, a Secretary and a Councilor. Each candidate has agreed to volunteer his or her time and energy to serve both the Society and its members.

The Teratology Society ballot is presented in electronic format. Regular, Emeritus, and Honorary Members are eligible to vote. Please review the Candidate Summaries and then follow the link therein to complete your electronic ballot. All votes must be cast before 12:00 midnight EDT on May 22, 2018.

The Society needs active participation from all its members to stay vital—so please take the time right now to review the materials and cast your vote!

Thank you to the Nominations and Elections Committee, chaired by Nicole C. Kleinstreuer, for their efforts in preparing this year’s ballot. The ballot results will be announced via email prior to the Teratology Society 58th Annual Meeting being held June 23-27, 2018 in Clearwater, Florida.


Alan M. Hoberman
President, Teratology Society


Originally posted March 19, 2018

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