Birth Defects Research, Volume 110, Issue 6, Pages 463-546

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Table of Contents

Original Research Articles

A detailed characterization of congenital defects and mortality following moderate X‐ray doses during neurulation (pages 467-482)

Kai Craenen, Mieke Verslegers, Jasmine Buset, Sarah Baatout, Lieve Moons, and Mohammed Abderrafi Benotmane

Gestational triphenyl phosphate exposure in C57Bl/6 mice perturbs expression of insulin‐like growth factor signaling genes in maternal and fetal liver (pages 483-494)

Nicola A. Philbrook, Victoria E. Restivo, Christine L. Belanger, and Louise M. Winn

Plasma zinc levels in Ecuadorian mothers of infants with nonsyndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palate: A case series (pages 495-501)

Miguel Ángel Jara‐Palacios, Angélica Carolina Cornejo, Camila Narváez‐Caicedo, Gabriela Moreano, Karla Patricia Vásquez, Cristina Moreno‐Izquierdo, and Natalia Romero‐Sandoval

Building a developmental toxicity ontology (pages 502-518)

Nancy Baker, Alan Boobis, Lyle Burgoon, Edward Carney, Richard Currie, Ellen Fritsche, Thomas Knudsen, Madeleine Laffont, Aldert H. Piersma, Alan Poole, Steffen Schneider, and George Daston

Associations between lifestyle factors and smoking status during pregnancy in a group of Romanian women (pages 519-526)

S. Voidazan, M. Tarcea, Z. Abram, M. Georgescu, C. Marginean, O. Grama, F. Buicu, and F. Ruţa

Maternal exposures and risk of oral clefts in South Vietnam (pages 527-537)

Vu H. A. Dien, Christy M. McKinney, Araya Pisek, and Waranuch Pitiphat

Brief Report

Whole exome sequencing diagnoses the first fetal case of Bainbridge‐Ropers syndrome presenting as pontocerebellar hypoplasia type 1 (pages 538-542)

Séverine Bacrot, Charlotte Mechler, Naima Talhi, Dominique Martin‐Coignard, Philippe Roth, Caroline Michot, Amale Ichkou, Olivier Alibeu, Patrick Nitschke, Sophie Thomas, Michel Vekemans, Férechté Razavi, Lucile Boutaud, and Tania Attie‐Bitach

Comments on “ambient and dosed exposure to quaternary ammonium disinfectants causes neural tube defects in rodents” (pages 543-544)

Keith Hostetler


Response to Hostetler (pages 545-546)

Terry C. Hrubec and Patricia A. Hunt


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