Dr. Philip Lupo to receive 2018 F. Clarke Fraser New Investigator Award

lupo 2.jpgCongratulations to Philip Lupo, PhD, MPH, who will receive the F. Clarke Fraser New Investigator Award at this year’s Teratology Society Annual Meeting! 

This Award recognizes an early career scientist who has established a successful independent research career. “Without a doubt, this is the biggest honor of my career!” exclaimed Dr. Lupo upon learning of the upcoming honor. Dr. Lupo, who currently serves as an associate professor at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX, met Dr. Fraser in 2009. Dr. Lupo was a postdoctoral fellow at the time. The exchange was one he will never forget. “Dr. Fraser was extremely supportive of my work and encouraged me to continue my birth defects research. That meeting left an impression on me and makes this award all the more special.” 

The Award recipient is invited to give a presentation at the Annual Meeting and was selected from a pool of candidates who were all nominated by a member of the Teratology Society. Dr. Lupo’s presentation, “Cancer Risk in Children with Birth Defects: Developing a Research Program in the Epidemiology of Rare Complex Traits” will take place on Sunday, June 24 at 1:30 p.m. The presentation will focus on cancer susceptibility in children with birth defects, an area in which Dr. Lupo has spent the last six years developing a research program. “I plan to outline this work, especially considering the concept of multifactorial disease in relation to characterizing cancer risk in those with birth defects,” he explained.

Dr. Lupo studied epidemiology, earning his PhD from the University of Texas Health Science Center, where he also served as a postdoctoral fellow in genetic epidemiology.  He said he encourages students he interacts with to focus their energy and talent in the field of birth defects research. “There is still so much to discover. For instance, we have barely scratched the surface in understanding why a majority of children develop birth defects, AND we know even less about lifelong consequences of these conditions—especially for those who survive due to recent advances in screening and treatment.”   

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