Birth Defects Research Volume 110, Issue 10, Pages 823-896

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Table of Contents

Review Article

Potential genetic markers for nonsyndromic oral clefts in the Brazilian population: A systematic review and metaanalysis
Renato Assis Machado, Isabela Porto de Toledo, Hercilio Martelli Júnior, Silvia Regina Reis, Eliete Neves Silva Guerra, and Ricardo D. Coletta
Published online 15 February 2018

Original Research Articles

Rethinking developmental toxicity testing: Evolution or revolution?
Anthony R. Scialli, George Daston, Connie Chen, Prägati S. Coder, Susan Y. Euling, Jennifer Foreman, Alan M. Hoberman, Julia Hui, Thomas Knudsen, Susan L. Makris, LaRonda Morford, Aldert H. Piersma, Dinesh Stanislaus, and Kary E. Thompson
Published online 12 February 2018
Recognition of clinical characteristics for populationbased surveillance of fetal alcohol syndrome
Jennifer G. Andrews, Maureen K. Galindo, F. John Meaney, Argelia Benavides, Linnette Mayate,Deborah Fox, Sydney Pettygrove, Leslie O'Leary, and Christopher Cunniff
Published online 25 January 2018
Nutrient intake in women before conception and risks of anophthalmia and microphthalmia in their offspring
Kari A. Weber, Wei Yang, Suzan L. Carmicha el, and Gary M. Shaw, National Birth Defects Prevention Study
Published online 5 March 2018
Nonsyndromic cleft palate: An association study at GWAS candidate loci in multiethnic sample
Nina Ishorst, Paola Francheschelli, Anne C. Böhmer, Mohammad Faisal J. Khan, Stefanie HeilmannHeimbach, Nadine Fricker, Julian Little, Regine P.M. SteegersTheunissen, Borut Peterlin, Stefanie Nowak, Markus Martini, Teresa Kruse, Anton Dunsche, Thoma s Kreu sch, Lina Gölz, Khalid Aldhorae, Esam Halboub, Heiko Reutter, Peter Mossey, Markus M. Nöthen, Michele Rubini, Kerstin U. Ludwig, Michael Knapp, and Elisabeth Mangold
Published online 2 March 2018
Embryofetal development studies with the dietary supplement vinpocetine in the rat and rabbit
Natasha Catlin, Suramya Waidyanatha, Eve Mylchreest, Lutya Miller Pinsler, Helen Cunny, Paul Foster, Vicki Sutherland, and Barry McIntyre
Published online 19 February 2018

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