Teratology Society Annual Meeting “Storm Board”

Did you know that brainstorming is a quick and easy way to produce fresh ideas that lead to new innovations?  Why not do it as a group while we are all together in Clearwater Beach for the Teratology Society Annual Meeting?

The “Storm Board” is a joint effort between the Membership and Student Affairs Committees. Each day two questions will be posted on the board, and attendees are encouraged to write and post spontaneous, rapid responses on the “thought bubble” cutouts provided.

The assumption is that the greater the number of responses generated, the greater the chance of producing a novel and effective solution to the specific question that is posed.  Free association and building on the responses of others are encouraged; criticism and censorship should be avoided.

So, while we are hoping for great weather on the beach outside this week, let’s get the (brain)storm going inside!

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