Members Encouraged to Support Human Teratogens Course

Dear Colleagues,

Lew Holmes’ course on Human Teratogens was an annual event through 2017, when Lew put on his last program. Many of us had been invited to speak over the years, and some of us attended faithfully, whether invited or not. This course was the most educational three days of my year, and I was very happy when Sarah Običan agreed to keep the course going. I hope that you and one of your associates will consider coming to Tampa (ahhh…) in late February (brrr…) to hear Lew give his classic introductory talk once more and to hear the other speakers that Sarah and her team have lined up. 

Thanks go to the Teratology Society and the Organization of Teratology Information Specialists for their support and promotion of this course. It is the perfect introduction to the field for beginners but at the same time, it is a terrific opportunity to learn new things for those of us who have been around for a while. You can find information and a registration form at

Best wishes, 

Tony Scialli

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