Teratology Society Booth at SOT—It was the place to be!

On March 11-13, 2019, the Teratology Society exhibited at the ToxExpo as part of the Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland.

Booth #2206 was the place to be - to catch up with old friends and make some new connections!

Teratology Society volunteers talked with over 140 SOT attendees who visited the Teratology Society booth. Thank you to the 22 members (listed below), ranging from student members to past presidents, who made this possible by volunteering their time to work in the booth and share their enthusiasm for the Teratology Society with attendees! Special thanks to Elise Lewis and Linda Roberts for taking time out of their busy schedules at SOT to make sure things were running smoothly in the booth throughout the event. 

Other Teratology Society-related activities at SOT included the following:

  • Mary Alice Smith, Tom Knudsen, Linda Roberts, and Alan Hoberman participated in the Scientific Liaison Coalition (SLC) meeting on Sunday, March 10.
  • Alan Hoberman, Dana Shuey and Elise Lewis attended the IUTOX-hosted Global Collaboration Coffee on Monday, March 11. This event was chaired by Barbara Hales in her role as IUTOX Secretary-General. The theme of the presentation at this event as Open Data in a Big Data World: A Toxicology Perspective. Elaine Faustman was among the speakers.
  • Dana Shuey attended the Teratology Society Global Gallery Poster in the ToxExpo during the attended poster session on Monday, March 11. 
  • Dana Shuey presented information about the Teratology Society at the SOT Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Specialty Section (RDTSS) Reception on Tuesday, March 12.
  • Linda Roberts highlighted the Primer during the Undergraduate Educators Network meeting on Tuesday morning, handing out flyers about the Primer and Nisha Sipes’ chapter, What does it mean to be a teratologist today?

Teratology Society Booth Volunteers:

  1. Hao Chen
  2. Pragati Coder
  3. Chris Curran
  4. Steve Harris
  5. Judith Henck
  6. Julia Hui
  7. Chris Lau
  8. Elise Lewis
  9. Norbert Makori
  10. LaRonda Morford
  11. Susan Munley
  12. Jessica Palmer
  13. Linda Roberts
  14. Kristal Rychlik
  15. Dana Shuey
  16. Bill Slikker
  17. Mary Alice Smith
  18. Kary Thompson
  19. Lauren Walker
  20. Amy Williams
  21. Kristina York
  22. Eias Zahalka

We hope everyone who went to SOT had a positive experience. Thank you to all who served as ambassadors of the Teratology Society while there!

TS at SOT 2019 tear down team.jpg 

Photo Caption: Lauren Walker, Kary Thompson, Chris Lau, and Elise Lewis packing up the Teratology booth at the end of an eventful ToxExpo!

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