President's Message - September 2012

President’s Message – September, 2012

As I mentioned in last month’s message, Council and the Strategic Plan Launch Team have been working feverishly to get implementation of the 2012-2017 Strategic Plan off to a quick start. Committees have taken ownership of tasks and have developed fantastic new initiatives to turn our vision into reality. Collaborations between committees have also been established. To foster coordination and clarity about the tasks at hand, we have started inviting representatives from 1-2 committees each month to participate in Council’s monthly conference calls.

Strategic Plan – Enhance Our Visibility and Impact. To address our Strategic Intent to enhance the visibility and impact of the Teratology Society, a number of immediate actions have been taken. For example, Council recently wrote to Governor Brown of California suggesting that he consider several prominent Teratology Society members to fill a number of vacancies in California’s Proposition 65 Developmental & Reproductive Toxicant Committee. The Education Committee has already identified some topics to produce as webinars, and the F. Clarke Fraser and Service Awards Committee is looking at ways to more broadly publicize award recipients. Teratology Society members are continually achieving great things, and we would like to do more to let the world know about these accomplishments. Please let us know if you or a TS member colleague has something newsworthy to share. Simply contact the office ( and we’ll take care of the rest!

To help us move beyond these short term actions, an ad hoc Communications Work Group has been formed, co-led by Alan Hoberman and Melissa Tassinari. This Work Group has been charged with development of an overarching, high level communications strategy, the elements of which would include, but not be limited to: 1) identifying the main audiences we’d like to reach; 2) identifying our key messages; 3) determining what communication tools to use (e.g., webinars, social media). Alan and Melissa are assembling an outstanding team, and I have no doubt that they will deliver a high impact plan.

In addition to providing an update on the Strategic Plan, I also have some additional to look forward to in 2013. A few are listed below.

Electronic Subscription to Birth Defects Research (BDR) – I am pleased to inform you that the Regular Member dues for 2013 will remain $126 and will include an electronic subscription to all parts of BDR. The printed version of BDR will be available as an add-on option during the renewal process.

53rd Annual Meeting in Tucson, Arizona – The program for the meeting on June 22-26, 2013 is near completion. Look for more information on the website and plan now to submit your abstract by February 15.

I’d like to close with a “shout out” to Past Presidents Clarke Fraser and Carole Kimmel for being the first to respond to last month’s blog article. They continue to set a great example for the rest of us as engaged, enthusiastic members. And they have no fear of blogging, and nor should you!

Best regards,

Ed Carney

President, Teratology Society

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Membership committee

December 5, 2012 05:07 PM by Kary Ellen Thompson, PhD

I also want to give a shout out to Jack Bishop for his enthusiastic leadership of the membership committee this year.

Looking forward to your next update, Ed.

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