Society Vice President Report from Joint ICPF-JTS Meeting, July 26-29, 2019, in Nagoya, Japan

Recently, in my role as Vice President of the Society for Birth Defect Research and Prevention (BDRP), I had the opportunity to attend the joint meeting of the International Cleft Palate Foundation (ICPF) and Japanese Teratology Society (JTS) in Nagoya, during which I met with board members of the ICPF and Council members of the JTS and acted on behalf of our Society as a keynote speaker.  As a keynote speaker, I highlighted the on-going initiatives outlined in the BDRP strategic plan, including the transition of the society name.  The joint meeting of the ICPF and JTS focused on the importance of nonclinical research, clinical prevention, and humanitarian efforts in improving the quality of life of children with birth defects, specifically craniofacial defects.   I hope you enjoy my full report and photographs downloadable here on BDR Connection!

Elise Madison Lewis, PhD

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