President’s Message: New Society Logo

Dear Colleagues,

I am excited to announce that the careful, deliberative process that led to a new name and a new logo for our Society has reached its conclusion:

BDRP LOGO wTag 3colorRGBmatch 300ppi.png

As we approach our 60th Anniversary, it’s a tribute to the important work you do and clearly communicates the impact and value of our scientific efforts.

When my mother-in-law told me my research was too complicated to understand, I made it simple. I told her we’re trying to “save the babies.”

When a colleague asked me what we do, I answered “the most important work on earth-protecting the next generation.”

I realized as the logo development process unfolded that it paralleled in many ways the careful, deliberative work we do in our labs and clinics. Great ideas were shared, tried, tested, and tested again. In the end, it was clear that to communicate effectively, we needed to simplify the logo and the message much as I had done with my mother-in-law and colleague.

The result was a logo that focuses on the positive results of our work: a healthy child supported and swaddled by the protective arms of scientists and clinicians. Our history is honored as our new name rests solidly on our founders’ legacy.

We still have a great deal of important work to do collectively and collaboratively. One in 33 U.S. babies is born with a birth defect. Worldwide, more than 8 million babies are affected each year.

I hope you will be inspired in that effort by the new name which clearly communicates the mission of our transdisciplinary and transformative science and the new logo that clearly demonstrates what we do and why we do it.

I am grateful for the time and effort invested by the following Society members who took part in the logo design work.

  • Bruce K. Beyer, PhD, DABT
  • Nicole Churchill Kleinstreuer, PhD
  • Elise Madison Lewis, PhD
  • Susan L. Makris, MS
  • Nelson D. Pace, PhD, SM
  • Linda G. Roberts, PhD, DABT
  • Kristal A. Rychlik, PhD
  • Dana L. Shuey, PhD, DABT

We relied on the expertise of brand designer Cheryl Dine and our communications consultant Nicole Chavez, who were consummate professionals in guiding us through the process, encouraging our creativity and ensuring a successful conclusion.

I am also grateful to those who took part in the renaming/rebranding focus groups, provided valuable feedback during the process, and took the time to participate in our surveys and to vote.

Please help us promote our mission and accomplishments by inserting the logo into your signature whenever you share news about our dynamic and diverse members and their scientific achievements. To request a copy of the logo, please contact Heather Carskaddan, our Executive Director, at


Christine P. Curran, PhD

President, Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention


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