BDR Special Issue: 2019 Congenital Malformations Surveillance Report: A Report from the National Birth Defects Prevention Network, Volume 111, Issue 18, Pages 1321-1447

The Table of Contents for Volume 111, Issue 18 of the journal Birth Defects Research is now available. This special issue features the 2019 Congenital Malformations Surveillance Report: A Report from the National Birth Defects Prevention Network.bdr2.v111.18.cover.jpg

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Connecting the circle from surveillance to epidemiology to public health practice

Russell S. Kirby and Marilyn L. Browne

Published online 16 October 2019


Genome-wide association studies of structural birth defects: A review and commentary

Philip J. Lupo, Laura E. Mitchell, and Mary M. Jenkins

Published online 25 October 2019


Exploring classification of birth defects severity in national hospital discharge databases compared toan active surveillance program

Jennifer L. Matas, Denny Fe G. Agana, George J. Germanos, Michael A. Hansen, Sanjukta Modak, Jean Paul Tanner, Peter H. Langlois, and Jason L. Salemi

Published online 20 June 2019

Co-occurring defect analysis: A platform for analyzing birth defect co-occurrence in registries

Renata H. Benjamin, Xiao Yu, Maria Luisa Navarro Sanchez, Han Chen, Laura E. Mitchell, Peter H. Langlois, Mark A. Canfield, Michael D. Swartz, Angela E. Scheuerle, Daryl A. Scott, Hope Northrup, Christian P. Schaaf, Joseph W. Ray, Scott D. McLean, Philip J. Lupo, and A. J. Agopian

Published online 16 July 2019

The impact of the ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM transition on the prevalence of birth defects among infant hospitalizations in the United States

Jason L. Salemi, Jean Paul Tanner, Russell S. Kirby, and Janet D. Cragan

Published online 14 August 2019

The prevalence of birth defects among non-Hispanic Asian/Pacific Islanders and American Indians/Alaska Natives in Texas, 1999–2015

Mimi T. Le, Charlie J. Shumate, Adrienne T. Hoyt, Anna V. Wilkinson, and Mark A. Canfield

Published online 1 July 2019

Association of interpregnancy change in body mass index and spina bifida

Renata H. Benjamin, Mary K. Ethen, Mark A. Canfield, Fei Hua, and Laura E. Mitchell

Published online 10 July 2019

Maternal exposure to ambient cadmium levels, maternal smoking during pregnancy, and congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Rema Ramakrishnan, Amy L. Stuart, Jason L. Salemi, Henian Chen, Kathleen O'Rourke, and Russell S. Kirby

Published online 23 July 2019

Predictors of referral to the North Carolina Infant-Toddler Program among infants with birth defects and infants born extremely preterm or low birth weight

Nina E. Forestieri, Eric Van Buren, Barbara D. Simpson, and Robert E. Meyer

Published online 4 September 2019

National population-based estimates for major birth defects, 2010–2014

Cara T. Mai, Jennifer L. Isenburg, Mark A. Canfield, Robert E. Meyer, Adolfo Correa, Clinton J. Alverson, Philip J. Lupo, Tiffany Riehle-Colarusso, Sook Ja Cho, Deepa Aggarwal, Russell S. Kirby, and National Birth Defects Prevention Network

Published online 3 October 2019


Population-based birth defects data in the United States, 2012–2016: A focus on abdominal wall defects

Erin B. Stallings, Jennifer L. Isenburg, Tyiesha D. Short, Dominique Heinke, Russell S. Kirby, Paul A. Romitti, Mark A. Canfield, Leslie A. O'Leary, Rebecca F. Liberman, Nina E. Forestieri, Wendy N. Nembhard, Theresa Sandidge, Eirini Nestoridi, Jason L. Salemi, Amy E. Nance, Kirstan Duckett, Glenda M. Ramirez, Xiaoyi Shan, Jing Shi, and Philip J. Lupo

Published online 23 October 2019

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