Call for Historical Photos for Use in BDRP Virtual 60th Annual Meeting!


The Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention was founded as the Teratology Society in 1960. This year the Society celebrates its 60th Anniversary!

Please take a moment to look for interesting photos that represent the Society, our members, their research, outreach and events. These photos should be uploaded to the SmugMug gallery here:

Photos can be of the distant or recent past. Everyone, regardless of how long they have been a member, is encouraged to share.

If you have any problems adding photos to the SmugMug gallery please contact Heather Carskaddan at By uploading your photos on the SmugMug gallery you are granting the Society permission to share them at the annual meeting, on the Society's website, and potentially in the Society's journal Birth Defects Research.

Thank you!

Christine Perdan Curran, PhD



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