MotherToBaby Resources on COVID-19 and Pregnancy and Lactation -- Fact Sheet and Podcast

MotherToBaby is maintaining a Fact Sheet on COVID-19 and pregnancy and lactation. This Fact Sheet is being updated frequently as new information becomes available. It is available on the MotherToBaby website:

Additionally, the newest installment of the MotherToBaby Podcast focuses on COVID-19 with concern toward pregnancy and breastfeeding. The episode was recorded on March 16 and contains the latest known information about COVID-19.  Please share the link to the podcast with your professional network and patients, if applicable. Feel free to also share on social media:

The MotherToBaby Podcast, hosted by BDRP and OTIS member Chris Stallman, a certified genetic counselor, was launched May 8, 2020, to deliver evidence-based information about exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding in a relatable format. The series is available on iTunes and podcatcher services everywhere. For more information, visit:


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