Upcoming Virtual Courses: Juvenile Toxicology (July 23) and Assessment of Ovarian Toxicity (July 30)

Each year, the Education Committee of the Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention organizes the Education Courses at the Annual Meeting. Three Education Courses are offered this year. Courses will be recorded, and registrants will have access to the recordings for 12 months. 

Register HERE, or if you are already registered for the virtual meeting, add a course on the Upgrade page in the virtual meeting website.

Juvenile Toxicology (Thursday, July 23, 11:00 AM-2:30 PM EDT)

This course will focus on the principles of pediatric safety assessments. Topics addressed will include an overview of juvenile toxicology from a historical and regulatory perspective; approaches to juvenile animal testing for pharmaceutical and nonpharmaceutical industries; a pathology perspective on assessing juvenile toxicity data; and a discussion on the relevance to clinical pediatric medicine.

Assessments of Ovarian Toxicity (Thursday, July 30, 11:00 AM-12:30 PM EDT)

Evaluation of the ovary is an important endpoint in toxicity studies and can provide valuable information regarding potential adverse effects on reproduction. Currently, microscopic examinations are widely used to provide qualitative and quantitative assessments of the ovaries. The purpose of this mini course is to provide an overview of new approaches to ovarian toxicity assessments including novel in vivo and in vitro methods.

Embryology and Toxicity of the Developing Immune System (Recorded Course Available)

Development of the human immune system is a continuous process beginning early in utero and continuing to mature after birth. This course will begin with a basic overview of immune system function and immunotoxicity, followed by talks on comparative development of the immune system and developmental immunotoxicity. The session will wrap up with an overview of how abnormalities in immune system function are diagnosed and clinically managed in pediatrics.

2019-2020 Education Committee

  • Caren Villano, PhD, Chair
  • Christina M. Carruthers, PhD, Vice Chair
  • Amy L. Inselman, PhD, Member
  • Susan Bielmeier Laffan, PhD, Member
  • Pallavi McElroy, PhD, Member
  • Katie J. Turner, PhD, Member
  • Wafa A. Harrouk, PhD, Ad Hoc
  • Lei Wang, PhD, Ad Hoc
  • Daniel T. Wilson, PhD, DABT, Ad Hoc
  • Amy Lavin Williams, PhD, Past Chair
  • Kimberly C. Brannen, PhD, Council Liaison


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