BDR Transition and Kudos

BDRA cover.gifJanuary was a month of many important transitions. While the media makes us aware of the political and diplomatic transitions in various countries around the world, one should also be aware of transitions in our own neighborhood. Teratology Society members should recognize an important transition in their neighborhood. On January 1st the editorship of Birth Defects Research, Part A Molecular and Clinical Teratology transitioned from Dr. Diana M. Juriloff to Dr. Michel Vekemans. Diana (University of British Columbia, Vancouver) has had a distinguished career as editor since 2008. Due in no small part to her diligence and reputation in the field, the journal experienced a steady rise in the impact factor. I believe I speak for all members of the society in offering Diana a sincere thank you and job well done!

Our new editor, Michel Vekemans, from the Université Paris Descartes in Paris France also carries a Canadian background to the position (both he and Diana studied at McGill under Dr. Fraser) and is very suited to the editorial task. His extensive bench-to-bedside and mouse-to-human interests in the etiopathogenesis of congenital malformations sets the stage to attract a rich variety of international articles dealing with errors of morphogenesis. I’m sure I speak for all in wishing Michel every success, and our continued support.

BDRB cover.gifBDRC cover.gifAnd certainly we must also recognize and thank our continuing editors of the other 2 journals, Drs. George Daston and Rocky Tuan. Their hard work, dedication, and excellent reputations have made these journals a top notch forum for publication of premium research and insightful reviews.

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