Call for BDRP Officer Nominations - Deadline October 15

The Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention Nominations and Elections Committee is developing a slate of candidates for three Officer positions: Vice President-Elect, Secretary, and Councilor. We value your input and involvement in helping the Society identify qualified and interested candidates. Service of the elected candidates will begin after the June 2021 annual meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

If you or a member you know is interested in serving please forward this information and your suggestion(s) and comments to the chair or a member of the Nominations and Elections Committee (listed below) by October 15.

Thank you in advance for taking an active role in determining the leadership and shaping the future of your scientific home!

Nominations and Elections Committee

Linda G. Roberts, PhD, DABT, Chair,

Marcia Lynn Feldkamp, PhD, MSPH, PA,

Dana L. Shuey, PhD, DABT,

William Slikker, Jr., PhD,

Mary Alice Smith, PhD,

Christopher Lau, PhD, Past Chair,



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