Collaborative on Health and the Environment Offers "Generation Chemical" Webinar Series

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Collaborative on Health and the Environment Webinar Series

Generation Chemical: How Environmental Exposures are Affecting Reproductive Health and Development

Learn from top scientists and experts on the impact of environmental exposures and toxics on reproductive health, pregnancy, and development. This seven-part webinar series will run from October 29, 2020- Spring 2021 and will explore the following: 

  1. How do chemicals and other environmental exposures affect reproductive health and fetal development? 
  2. How do harmful environmental exposures disproportionately impact the reproductive health of communities of color?
  3. What role do environmental exposures play in the looming infertility crisis?
  4. How do preconception environmental exposures affect health and development?
  5. What are the ways environmental exposures in the womb affect fetal outcomes?
  6. How do environmental exposures influence women’s reproductive health throughout their lives?
  7. How do environmental exposure influence sperm and men's health? 

Speakers and webinar dates can be found at:

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