A message from TERIS Directors Drs. Sura Alwan and Kimberly Grant

Determining the safety of medications and exposures during pregnancy is a dynamic, multi-layered task that requires access to authoritative information. TERIS – The Teratogen Information System is a non-profit specialized digital resource that provides expert guidance on the teratogenic risk of over 1,700 medications and other exposures, including infections and vaccines. 

Health care providers use TERIS to get immediate access to comprehensive summaries on the risk of congenital anomalies and other adverse perinatal and neurodevelopmental outcomes. The information is used to facilitate clinical decision making and patient counseling.

For researchers in the academic and pharmaceutical industry, TERIS can be used to develop solid, data-driven text on fetal risks and should be considered an essential tool for communicating those risks on drug labels and packaging inserts. 

While there are several sources of information available on the safety of drug exposures during pregnancy, TERIS is unique in that it is governed by an Advisory Board of global experts from the fields of medicine, epidemiology, and genetics. The TERIS Advisory Board carefully reviews agent summaries and all teratogenic risk ratings are generated by group consensus. For more information on TERIS and the subscription process, please visit our new public-facing website housed in the School of Public Health at the University of Washington: https://deohs.washington.edu/teris/

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