Warm Holiday Greetings from the BDRP President


Dear BDRP Members,

Each year, I find the holiday season as a natural time to pause and reflect upon the year that has just been completed. As I contemplate this past year, I, like so many others, am ready to toss out the old and look forward to a year of new beginnings and fresh starts. This holiday season is unlike any other, amidst an unprecedented year. This year marked our 60th anniversary as a scientific society, but our most notable memories will be of the global pandemic and the incredible response mounted by scientists and healthcare providers, as well as the widespread movement to bring to light and address a myriad of social injustice issues. This holiday season will be most difficult for many because we all miss the comfort of gathering with friends and family and the holiday traditions to which we have grown accustomed.

As President of the Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention, I remain confident that we will achieve our goals to advance emerging and fundamental science, build value for members, strengthen external awareness of the society’s value, and be strong advocates for resources for the field. While we continue to exercise patience in the midst of this pandemic, we must continue to lead with determination and remain the premier source for promoting cutting-edge research and being a source of authoritative information related to birth defects and other disorders of reproductive and developmental origin. 

I appreciate all that our members and volunteers have done this past year. Thank you for your commitment, your drive, and your desire to be involved as we move into a new year of hope and a season of countless scientific possibilities. I wish you moments of peace, safe (but socially distant) connections with family and friends, the warmth of memories from holidays past, and glimpses of renewed hope and health in 2021.


Elise M. Lewis

President, BDRP


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Warm Holiday Greetings from the BDRP President