BDRP Member Challenge: 61 New Members by the 61st Annual Meeting!


Happy 2021 BDRP Members!

I can probably speak for most when I say that many norms were shattered in 2020. While we may not be able to conduct business as usual, including in person recruitment, our new normal has provided us with a great opportunity to create new membership recruiting initiatives and to build and improve upon the resources that have been in place but have yet to be maximized.

Our members are the backbone of the Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention and who better than our members to highlight their experiences in this diverse community. As such, I am challenging every member to engage with one nonmember between now and June and mention the Society to reach a goal of 61 new members by the 61st Annual Meeting. There are currently 515 members, and if everyone participates then I am confident we can meet this goal.

Need help starting that conversation? Are you on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook? I encourage you to follow BDRP on social media and invite others to view all the great work that the Society and its members provide to the community. Not on social media? Word of mouth (at a safe distance) is one of the best ways to get the word out.

The Membership Committee is available to provide additional support, and if you need any assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to any member on the committee or myself.

Let the Challenge begin!


Deirdre Tucker

Chair, BDRP Membership Committee

BDRP Membership Committee

Deirdre K. Tucker, PhD, Chair
Anthony M. DeLise, PhD
Ronee Beth Baracani, MS
Melissa J. Beck, PhD
Rhian Davies, MSc
Curtis E. Grace, PhD
Bethany R. Hannas, PhD, DABT
Vinita Leedom, MPH
Michelle Smith,
Kristina York, MS
Hao Chen, Ad Hoc, Postdoc
Adam James Filgo, PhD, DABT, Ad Hoc

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