Explore New Research Related to Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology - A Special Message from SOT

By: George P. Daston, PhD, 2020–2021 SOT President

Every year, the Society of Toxicology (SOT) Annual Meeting and ToxExpo features hundreds of presentations on research related to reproductive and developmental toxicology, and the upcoming Virtual 2021 SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo is no exception. As a Past President of BDRP and current President of SOT, I understand the value and relevance of the research presented at SOT for birth defects research. I strongly encourage you to register for this year’s SOT Annual Meeting, taking place from March 12 to March 26.

The 2021 meeting will include eight Scientific Sessions endorsed by the SOT Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Specialty Section:

  • Across the Life Span: Emerging Mechanisms of Prenatal and Transgenerational Toxicity
  • Botanical Mixtures: Predictive Approaches to Evaluating Pregnancy and Reproductive and Developmental Health
  • Environmental Influences on Placental Origins of Development
  • Developmental Toxicity Hazard Assessment without Animals: Pathways and Prospects
  • From Conception to Cane: Unique Life-Stage Considerations for Reproductive Toxicity
  • Identifying and Communicating Adverse Neurological Outcomes from Parental Cannabis Use
  • The Need for Protocol Harmonization in the Advancement of Zebrafish as a Model for Toxicological Screening: Global Perspectives and Recent Advancements
  • Testing the Waters: How the Zebrafish, Xenopus, and Medaka Models Are Advancing Our Understanding of Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity

In addition, the 2021 Translational Impact Award recipient, Dr. Rebecca Fry, will deliver an Award Lecture exploring “The Placenta: A Recorder and Transducer of Environmental Toxics.” Meeting attendees also can explore nearly 100 posters during Poster Sessions specifically focused on reproductive or developmental toxicology, or they can enroll in two Continuing Education courses endorsed by the SOT Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Specialty Section.

As a bonus, all the 2021 scientific presentations will be available live as well as on demand until May 31, 2021. To view all the meeting activities and sessions, use the SOT Online Planner.

Beyond the Scientific Sessions, the Virtual Meeting will feature dedicated spaces for networking and social engagement, allowing attendees to connect with friends and colleagues, develop new partnerships, and engage in mentoring and career development. Online chats, live Q&As, and small-group video meetings are just some of the opportunities available to the SOT Virtual Meeting participants.

Register now to discover the latest toxicology research related to prenatal and neonatal health.

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