An Update on the 61 New Members in Our 61st Year Challenge


Dear Members,

I am writing today to give you an update on the 61 New Members in Our 61st Year challenge that the Membership Committee recently announced. As you may recall, we are challenging every BDRP member to invite at least one colleague or student to join the Society this year, with the goal of bringing in 61 new members in our 61st year as a scientific society. In just over a month, we have received ten new applications for membership, evenly split between the Regular and Student membership types. The committee will be working to review and process these applications this month. Once we have completed our process the graphic at the top of this message will be updated!

Later this year the committee will be sending small thank you gifts to those of you who successfully recruit new members. These may include gift cards or even a new BDRP t-shirt, depending on how many members you bring into the Society, just to let you know how much we appreciate your efforts.

Thank you to everyone who has taken on the challenge so far and to those of you who plan to do so as the year progresses! Keep up the great work!


Deirdre Tucker

Chair, BDRP Membership Committee

BDRP Membership Committee

Deirdre K. Tucker, PhD, Chair
Anthony M. DeLise, PhD
Ronee Beth Baracani, MS
Melissa J. Beck, PhD
Rhian Davies, MSc
Curtis E. Grace, PhD
Bethany R. Hannas, PhD, DABT
Vinita Leedom, MPH
Michelle Smith,
Kristina York, MS
Hao Chen, Ad Hoc, Postdoc
Adam James Filgo, PhD, DABT, Ad Hoc

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