We're Making Progress Toward 61 New Members in Our 61st Year!


Dear BDRP Members:

It has been just over a month since my last update on the 61 New Members in Our 61st Year challenge that the Membership Committee first announced in January. As you may recall, we are challenging every BDRP member to invite at least one colleague or trainee to join the Society this year, with the goal of bringing in 61 new members in our 61st year as a scientific society.

Well, here is some great news: So far this year, we've welcomed 17 new members, plus we have another 9 applications currently well into the review process, and 2 more already in the queue for our next round. And it’s only April!

Thank you to everyone who has helped spread the word about our wonderful scientific society and encouraged colleagues and trainees to apply for membership. Keep up the great work!

To those who have not taken up the challenge yet, there is still plenty of time to get involved and make an impact! The Membership Committee is here to help if you need assistance or just want to brainstorm recruiting ideas.


Deirdre Tucker

Chair, BDRP Membership Committee

BDRP Membership Committee

Deirdre K. Tucker, PhD, Chair
Anthony M. DeLise, PhD
Ronee Beth Baracani, MS
Melissa J. Beck, PhD
Rhian Davies, MSc
Curtis E. Grace, PhD
Bethany R. Hannas, PhD, DABT
Vinita Leedom, MPH
Michelle Smith,
Kristina York, MS
Hao Chen, Ad Hoc, Postdoc
Adam James Filgo, PhD, DABT, Ad Hoc


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