Did you know that the Teratology Society gives away a free ebook?

Your copy of the Teratology Primer, an ebook, is available electronically and free of chargeTeratology Primer
It can also be downloaded from BDR Connection and from the Publications Tab on the Teratology Society’s Home Page (http://www.teratology.org/).  The Teratology Primer is intended mainly for students to understand the career choices available in the field of teratology and addresses numerous issues, such as, how preconceptional exposures may affect pregnancy outcome, what infections increase the risk of birth defects, and the effects of alcohol use during pregnancy. The second edition of the Teratology Primer was written by experts in their areas of specialty and provides information and references with a collection of interesting and current topics regarding birth defects.  

There are numerous other items available to members and non-members on the Publications Tab such as Teratogen Updates, Teratology Society Position Papers, Recommended texts in Teratology, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology, and links to other related Journals.

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