Birth Defects Research Volume 113, Issue 8, Pages 601-659

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Pregestational screening of hereditary deafness genes carriers in 10,684 normal pregnant women in Zhuzhou, China

Mingming Qi, Huimin Lai, Lili Xu, Fanhua Zeng, Jing Zhang, and Kaili Xie

Published online 20 January 2021


In vitro effects of citral on the human myometrium: Potential adjunct therapy to prevent preterm births

Víctor Manuel Muñoz‐Pérez, Mario I. Ortiz, Andrés Salas‐Casa, Jessica Pérez‐Guerrero, Narmi Castillo‐Pacheco, Guillermo Barragán‐Ramírez, and Mario Hernándes‐Alejandro

Published online 23 January 2021


Evidence for a cluster of rare birth defects in the Ain department (France)

Elisabeth Gnansia, Lucas Michon, Emmanuelle Amar, and Jacques Estève

Published online 9 February 2021


Prepregnancy body mass index and spina bifida: Potential contributions of bias

Candice Y. Johnson, Margaret A. Honein, Sonja A. Rasmussen, Penelope P. Howards, Matthew J. Strickland, W. Dana Flanders, and The National Birth Defects Prevention Study

Published online 19 February 2021


Disparities in insurance coverage among hospitalized adult congenital heart disease patients before and after the Affordable Care Act

Katherine B. Salciccioli, Jason L. Salemi, Christopher R. Broda, and Keila N. Lopez

Published online 15 February 2021

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