Associate Toxicologist in Reproductive Toxicology & Epidemiology – Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) is seeking to hire an Associate Toxicologist with research experience investigating the ability of chemicals or other agents to cause reproductive or developmental toxicity, and/or experience conducting risk assessments of reproductive and developmental hazards.


OEHHA conducts cutting-edge work to protect and enhance public health and the environment through the scientific evaluation of risks posed by hazardous substances. These evaluations are frequently the subject of statewide, national and even international interest, and are used by various regulatory programs in California.


Job Duties

The Associate Toxicologist will be a member of a team responsible for providing technical support for listing chemicals as causing reproductive toxicity under Proposition 65, developing guidelines for assessing risks of exposure to chemicals that cause reproductive toxicity, and conducting dose-response and exposure assessment. Specifically, the duties of the Associate Toxicologist include:

  • Providing technical expertise on the analysis and evaluation of whole animal, in vitro, mechanistic, and other data relevant to the evidence of developmental and reproductive toxicity for chemicals under consideration for listing or delisting as causing reproductive toxicity under Proposition 65.
  • Preparing hazard identification materials and related documentation in collaboration with senior colleagues on whole animal, in vitro, mechanistic, and other data relevant to the identification of developmental or reproductive toxicity.
  • Identifying and critically evaluating scientific literature relevant to performing dose-response assessment of chemicals causing developmental or reproductive toxicity.
  • Evaluating toxicology, epidemiology, mechanistic data, and pharmacokinetic studies.


Please see the complete job announcement for working in either our Sacramento or Oakland office, with links to the full duty statement. For more information about OEHHA or other open positions at our agency, please visit


Important: In order to be eligible for a job with the State of California, you MUST have successfully passed an examination for the specific classification and been placed on an employment eligibility list. To establish your eligibility, please see the examination bulletin for the Associate Toxicologist classification at


Job Requirements

  • Either: possession of a Doctoral degree in Toxicology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology or a closely related specialty; or possession of a Master's degree in one of these fields, plus three years of experience designing and managing toxicological studies, interpreting results, and conducting hazard assessment or safety evaluations; or certification as a Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology.
  • Proficiency in general principles of toxicology, public health, and risk assessment, with specific expertise in the area of reproductive and/or developmental toxicology.
  • Expertise and/or research experience investigating mechanisms and endpoints of reproductive or developmental toxicity, or experience conducting quantitative reproductive toxicity risk assessments, or experience evaluating and integrating mechanistic information into reproductive toxicity risk assessment.
  • Ability to produce high quality work products that clearly and concisely convey scientific findings and concepts.


Salary: $6,050.00 - $8,259.00 Monthly


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