Birth Defects Research Volume 113, Issue 12, Pages 877-1002

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Association of paternal smoking with the risk of neural tube defects in offspring: A systematic review and metaanalysis of observational studies

Liu Luo, Jingyi Diao, Jinqi Li, Yihuan Li, Tingting Wang, Letao Chen, Senmao Zhang, and Jiabi Qin

Published online 17 October 2020

Is there a relationship between causative microorganisms and hearing loss in neonatal sepsis?

Fatma Hilal Yilmaz, Nuriye Emiroğlu, Mehmet Burhan Oflaz, Mehmet Yücel, Ramazan Keçeci, Hamdi Arbağ, Hüseyin Altunhan, and Ayhan Çeri

Published online 11 January 2021

Readability, understandability, and quality of retinopathy of prematurity information on the web

Fatma Hilal Yılmaz, Mahmut Sami Tutar, Derya Arslan, and Ayhan Çeri

Published online 17 February 2021

Gamma aminobutyric acid signaling disturbances and altered astrocytic morphology associated with

Bisphenol A induced cognitive impairments in rat offspring

Syna Pervaiz Singha, Samreen Memon, Salman Ahmed Farsi Kazi, and Ghulam Shah Nizamani

Published online 3 March 2021

Prenatal developmental toxicity of alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride and didecyl dimethyl

ammonium chloride in CD rats and New Zealand White rabbits

Keith A. Hostetler, Louan C. Fisher, and Benjamin L. Burruss

Published online 21 March 2021

Survival of infants born with esophageal atresia among 24 international birth defects surveillance


Jane C. Bell, Gareth Baynam, Jorieke E. H. Bergman, Eva Bermejo‐Sánchez, Lorenzo D. Botto, Mark A. Canfield, Saeed Dastgiri, Miriam Gatt, Boris Groisman, Paula Hurtado‐Villa, Karin Kallen, Babak Khoshnood, Victoria Konrad, Danielle Landau, Jorge S. Lopez‐Camelo, Laura Martinez, Margery Morgan,

Osvaldo M. Mutchinick, Amy E. Nance, Wendy Nembhard, Anna Pierini, Anke Rissmann, Xiaoyi Shan, Antonin Sipek, Elena Szabova, Giovanna Tagliabue, Lyubov S. Yevtushok, Ignacio Zarante, and Natasha Nassar

Published online 18 March 2021

European trends in mortality in children with congenital anomalies: 20002015

Matilda J Pitt and Joan K Morris

Published online 25 March 2021

Maternal ethnicity and the prevalence of British pregnancies affected by neural tube defects

Jordana N. Peake, Rachel L. Knowles, Jill Shawe, Judith Rankin, and Andrew J. Copp

Published online 23 March 2021

Verbascosideenriched fraction from Buddleja cordata Kunth ameliorates the effects of diabetic

embryopathy in an animal model

Gladys Chirino‐Galindo, Ilse‐Valeria López‐Quintero, Liliana‐Berenice Ramírez‐Domínguez,

Leonardo‐Elías Cabrera‐Nájera, Edgar‐Antonio Estrella‐Parra, Ana‐María García‐Bores, and

Martín Palomar‐Morales

Published online 22 March 2021


Physical features of newborns exposed during pregnancy to anticonvulsant medication and

developmental monitoring

Allyson J. Peller, Anne‐Therese Hunt, and Lewis B. Holmes

Published online 15 March 2021


Bengt Källén (19292021)

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