BDRP Member Invitation to Author a Blog in 2022

Dear BDRP Members,

Are you interested in highlighting your scientific research and reaching a larger audience in 2022? One of the benefits of your membership in the Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention is the opportunity to take part in our robust communications opportunities, such as authoring one of the Society’s official Birth Defects Insights (BDI) blogs. Our BDI blogs are heavily promoted online and in social media. They are published on our website, LinkedIn, and where they are often viewed hundreds of times. The purpose of these blogs is to support the distinctive “voice” in the blogosphere for our Society as the leading, authoritative organization on birth defects and developmental health research. The BDI blogs can be a means of connecting with potential members, professionals in the field of birth defects/developmental health research, reproductive toxicology and health care providers. The chance to highlight one’s expertise could also serve to engage the broader scientific community in supporting your research.

Blogs are relatively short (1-2 pages) and are written in a more personal way. Blog authors are encouraged to talk about their own research or experiences related to the blog topic. We’ve had blog authors highlight a “day in the life” of their scientific environment, comment on trending topics like COVID-19, and journal personal experiences studying birth defects in places like Africa. The blogs are at a professional, peer-to-peer reading level, since the target audience includes like-minded scientists and/or healthcare providers. BDI blogs are not intended for the general public and/or pregnant women; our sister society OTIS MotherToBaby targets this audience for its blog series. For a list of our past BDI blogs to familiarize yourself with our blog style, please visit

We are aiming to publish at least one blog per quarter and are currently setting up our publishing schedule for 2022. Our blog authors work closely with our Communications Consultant, Nicole Chavez, to develop the blog, so even if you have never written a blog please do not by shy! Members interested in authoring a blog should email me ( their blog topic idea by August 30, 2021. Blogs can be co-authored by two members, so if you would like to work with a partner on your blog please indicate that as well.

Please feel free to ask Nicole Chavez, our Communications Consultant, any questions you may have about the blog process. Nicole can be reached at

Thank you for considering getting involved in this important communications effort.


Jeffrey H. Charlap, MS

BDRP Communications Coordination Committee Chair

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