FASEB Seeking Speakers for Conference - “The Nexus of Soil and Water Quality: Impacts on the ‘One Health’ of Humans, Animals and Ecosystems”

The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), of which BDRP is a member, is committed to advancing science in service to its member societies. In that light, FASEB is developing programming in support of a One Health program with a current emphasis on the intersections between human and environmental/ecological health. The One Health program intersects the work of many member societies, and the Federation is uniquely positioned to bring this research breadth together.

FASEB is asking for input regarding the development of the speaker agenda for an upcoming FASEB Catalyst Conference. The program is entitled “The Nexus of Soil and Water Quality: Impacts on the ‘One Health’ of Humans, Animals and Ecosystems.” This virtual conference, to be held on two half-days, October 13-14, 2021 (see summary below), is one in a series of ongoing collaborative efforts that are co-sponsored by FASEB with the American Geophysical Union (AGU). The overall goal is to enable interactions and potential collaborations between life sciences investigators in FASEB member societies and earth and climate change geoscientists to better understand how the physical environment influences human, animal and ecological health, and apply that knowledge to sustain healthy human societies.

FASEB is seeking assistance in identifying members engaged in research that links soil and/or water quality to human, animal or ecosystem health; with a particular interest in identifying Early and Mid-Career Researchers for the invited speaker slots that follow the two key overview presentations each day. FASEB is striving to obtain a high degree of diversity in the speaker list. Any interested BDRP members should email morrisp@rockefeller.edu.

Conference Summary

Title and Thematic Focus: The Nexus of Soil and Water Quality: Impacts on the [One] Health of Humans, Animals and Ecosystems

This conference is a two half-day program in FASEB’s “Catalyst Conference” series, to be co-hosted by FASEB and AGU-GeoHealth section. Towards achieving FASEB’s goals, this virtual conference will be available to all without a registration fee. Catalyst Conferences are short virtual programs on life science topics covering biomedicine and other fields, designed to accelerate topic discovery, community development, and career growth. 

Featured Keynotes

Day 1 key speaker will be Dr. Jo Handelsman, Vilas Research Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. Research in the Handelsman Lab focuses on understanding the genetic basis for diversity and stability of microbial communities, the role of a gut community as a source of opportunistic pathogens, and the soil microbial community as a source of new antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes. 

Day 2 key speaker will be Dr. Gabriel Filippelli, a Chancellor’s Professor in the Dept. of Earth Sciences at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). Dr. Filipelli serves as Executive Director of the Indiana University Environmental Resilience Institute, and the Editor-in-Chief of GeoHealth. His research interests include biogeochemical cycling in the environment, and the links between environmental processes and human health. 

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