BDRP Continuing Medical Education Program Update

This post includes an update on the status of Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits at the annual meeting as well as information about an upcoming course that may be of interest to physicians, genetic counselors, and others.

Update on Status of CME Credits at the BDRP Annual Meeting

The Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention will not be offering Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits at the 62nd Annual Meeting next June. This decision is based on a thorough review by BDRP leadership of CME program:

  • Participation—Total number of physicians who actually claim CME credit, and as compared to the total number of physicians who participate in the meeting
  • Costs—Paid to an ACCME accredited partner, in billable staff time to coordinate the program, and nonfinancial in terms of burden on volunteer session chairs and speakers
  • Restrictions—On speakers and therefore sessions that can be included in the CME program, affecting the number of CME credits we can offer

In summary, the number of physicians claiming CME credits has been low, costs have been high and increasing, and restrictions have been more and more stringent.

BDRP leadership hopes that the physicians who have attended our meeting in recent years will continue to do so. Their perspectives are a valued and important part of the exchange of information and ideas that takes place at of our meetings. The program and other details about the 62nd Annual Meeting will be posted in the coming weeks. 

BDRP leadership is very grateful to Dr. Sonja Rasmussen for leading the CME program for the past several years, and to those who have been involved in slide review for the CME program, in particular Dr. Tony Scialli.

Periodically, BDRP will offer CME in other ways in the future to continue to serve and provide education to our constituents in the physician community. One example of such an offering is below.

Human Teratogens Course

The Human Teratogens Course will take place virtually November 2-4, 2022. This joint USF/BDRP/OTIS course, directed by Dr. Sarah Običan, provides balanced and comprehensive information on the current knowledge and controversies in the field of teratology and counseling for pregnancy exposures. The faculty, teratology and toxicology experts, present lectures that cover basic principles of teratology, embryology, and epidemiology as well as detailed information regarding maternal conditions and environmental exposures which may pose teratogenic effect in pregnancy and lactation. The course provides up-to-date information on common exposures and hot topics, such as COVID-19 and vaccines, which providers are likely to encounter in their practice. The target audience for this course includes obstetricians, maternal fetal medicine specialists, teratogen information specialists, genetic counselors, pharmacists, and allied health professionals. CMEs and CEUs are available for physicians and genetic counselors who participate in this live course. Full information about the course is available on

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