Consultant and CRO Listings on the Teratology Society Website

Did you know...

...that you can promote your company’s expertise, or even your own expertise as a consultant, on the Teratology Society website?

We have a page dedicated to list names and contact information for Contract Laboratories that conduct GLP preclinical safety studies. This page is visible to all members once they are logged on to the website under the Resources (for Scientists and Professionals) tab on the main page. This venue provides a unique opportunity for interactions with scientific professionals on the lookout for teratology-related service providers. Member CROs that perform GLP studies are encouraged to list their logo, contact information, and description of services for a nominal fee of $150 per calendar year, which is waived for Platinum and Gold Level Sustaining members. If your organization is already a Platinum or Gold Level Sustaining member of the Society, please contact to provide information to receive a complimentary listing.

Society members who provide consulting services are also encouraged to list their contact information and areas of expertise for a minimal fee of $40 per calendar year. This information is published on a separate page under the same Resources (for Scientists and Professionals) tab.

If your organization is not a Sustaining member, check out the information provided to learn more about how your organization can help the Society pursue its mission and activities more effectively. Membership is available at the Platinum, Gold, or Silver level. Each level is recognized by inclusion in Society publications, through signage at each annual meeting, and on the Society’s website to name just a few.


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