Trainee Opportunities at the Teratology Society Annual Meeting and Beyond

It’s always an exciting time to join the Teratology Society and nurture your fresh ideas and knowledge. As a trainee, attending the annual meeting is a great way to become connected with this versatile group.

The opportunities of networking and learning are limitless. Perhaps you’re feeling shy as a new member to the conference? Participating in the Student /Postdoc Treasure Hunt provides a great conversation starter for meeting new contacts. This hunt jump starts getting to know an incredible collage of individuals who are enthusiastic to welcome new members and introduce them to additional members. Additionally, the Society offers lunch workshops geared toward students and postdocs covering topics most relevant to those early in career development.  Building connections can also be facilitated through Breakfast with the Teratology Mentors program, the student mixer, attending poster presentations, and the co-hosted Student Career Event with MARTA.  All of these events, and the conference as a whole, provide a great opportunity to connect with members and fellow trainees and exchange stories and backgrounds. (Stories from senior Society members can be quite entertaining!)

After getting to know fellow members, it is easy to start coordinating a future with the Society by getting involved. After experiencing some lectures, mixers, and workshops, and understanding your own strengths, you may decide to involve yourself with a committee. What if committees are full or you can’t decide? Perhaps offering feedback and suggestions to the Society about the events/lectures you’ve attended may help you network further and refine where you think you may most contribute. 

The Teratology Society annual meeting finishes with a bang, wrapping up with the banquet. This is a time to recognize our colleagues for incredible contributions to the field as well as reconnect with contacts made throughout the week. As you build professional relationships, you will gain ideas, guidance, advice, and inspiration which are great rewards for integrating and contributing to such a dynamic society.


Originally Posted 2014

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