President's Message March 2011

50 Years and Beyond…

Every five years, the Teratology Society hosts a Strategic Planning Session during which a representative group of Society members review progress toward the current Plan’s goals and objectives, and then develop a vision and action plan for the future. The next session is quickly approaching—spring 2012.

Where are we headed and where should we go together as the Teratology Society? Your input is requested regarding the priorities for the future of your Society.

The last planning session built on the previous two sessions. The three areas of focus for the 2007 session were: 1) scientific excellence and leadership, 2) membership recruitment and retention, and 3) outreach and partnership. From these three areas five strategic intents emerged and were reviewed by various groups within the Teratology Society. These strategic intents were:

  1. The annual meeting showcases the value of the multidisciplinary nature of the Society
  2. The goals, work and membership of the Teratology Society & its internal committees are transparent, engender mutual trust and commitment, and demonstrate the multidisciplinary nature of the Society. Our journal is growing in quality and number of submissions.
  3. Current & prospective members have been identified & engaged as active participants in the mission of the Teratology Society
  4. A Shared Scientific Identity has become integral and is evident in the Society’s culture
  5. The Teratology Society is recognized as the premier center of scientific excellence & a voice for the advancement of prenatal and child health (reactive → proactive)

Please take a moment to review the detailed report of the activity and accomplishments surrounding these intents. Through the hard work of many Society members, much progress has been made. The report is located on BDR Connection.

Now we need your thoughts and vision to begin framing the next Strategic Planning session. Please respond using the “add comment” button below and provide your thoughts and comments about how the Society can most effectively serve its mission and its members in the current environment and in the coming years. Your response is requested by April 1, 2011.

Thank you in advance.

John M. Rogers, Ph.D.
President, Teratology Society


Next Strategic Planning

March 18, 2011 04:27 PM by Wafa A. Harrouk, PhD

The work that has been done since the last meeting is very inspiring... lots to look forwards in the next 50 years!


Social role of the society

March 30, 2011 06:46 PM by Claudine Torfs, PhD

Because of the disastrous trend for parents to skip vaccinations for their children, I think that the Society might come out with a strong statement on the incorrect conclusions made by the likes of ex-Dr Wakefield and on the increase in death from childhood diseases and of risk of birth defects in the unvaccinated, in other words on the vital need for childhood vaccinations. It should be a strong press release with facts and advise. 

Better use existing data

April 1, 2011 09:44 PM by Penny Jane Stockley

I am not sure this is quite the right place for this comment, but here it is anyway:)

Is it possible to consider ways to better collate/analyse/use the data we already have?

In these days of computing/data mining/warehousing etc. are there tools we could use to make better use and give easier access to the 50 plus years of data collected?


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