Proposed Modification for Tenure of BDR Editors

Proposal to Extend the Tenure of Birth Defects Research Editors

The Teratology Society’s 51st Annual Meeting will be held June 25-29, 2011 in Coronado, California. I hope you will be able to join me for the scientific program and Society business related events.

This year, the Constitution and Bylaws Committee has recommended one change to the Constitution. This change is proposed for your consideration and can be reviewed below. This change will be discussed at the Business Meeting on Wednesday, June 29. If the proposed change is viewed as favorable, the recommendations will be presented to the voting members for a formal vote within 60 days of the Business Meeting.

Your participation is appreciated.

John M. Rogers, Ph.D.
President, Teratology Society


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Proposed Amendment No. 1:

Constitution Article VI, Section 4, Editorial Office. The Editorial Office for each Section of the Journal shall comprise the Editor, and as applicable the Associate and Section Editors. The Editor for each Part has the final responsibility for selection of manuscripts and preparation for publication for that Part of the Journal. The Editor is expected to submit each manuscript to at least two appropriate reviewers. Upon request from the Editor of that Part, the Section Editor will offer his/her opinion as to whether a selected and reviewed manuscript merits publication in Birth Defects Research. The Book Review Editor, Editor of Teratogen Update, and additional Editors as deemed appropriate, shall be appointed yearly (and shall have duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Editor of each Part with the approval of Council. The Editor of each Part of the Journal shall be a member of the Society and shall be appointed by Council for a period of five years. The term of office shall commence at the beginning of the following calendar year following the appointment. The Editor may succeed himself/herself for another up to two additional five-year terms if appointed by Council. The tenure of the Editor of each Part shall be limited to a total of 1015 years (three terms) and may be terminated by a vote of two-thirds of the Council. If the tenure of the Editor of each Section is to conclude or becomes vacant, a successor shall be identified by a Review and Search Committee. The Review and Search Committee shall be formed early during the last year of the tenure of the current Editor of each Part and consist of five members (including a Past-President, Chairperson and current members of the Publications Committee). The Review and Search Committee shall review the previous performance of the current Editor of each Part, when the incumbent is applying for a second term; or accept nominations for, interview nominees and recommend to Council suitable candidates for an open Editor’s position. Associate and Section Editors are recommended by the Editor with the advice and approval of the Publications Committee. They must be confirmed by the Society at the Annual Business Meeting and shall serve for a nonrenewable six-year term. For the first year only, Associate and Section Editors will serve prior to confirmation by Council. Terms shall be staggered to maintain some continuity of experience. Section Editors and Associate Editors need not be members of the Society, and shall not be members of the Council.

Reason for Change: To extend the tenure of the Editor of each part of the journal.


Journal editor

April 26, 2011 04:18 PM by Robert L. Brent, MD, PhD

In the early stages of the society, the editors wee elected my the membership. Brent (that's me) was elected for three five year terms. Two members of the council decided that one of them wanted to be editor and tey decided that the council would appoint the editor and one of these two members was appointed. He was a failure and resigned in the fourth year and the journal was in real trouble. I woudl add to the constitution change that no officer or council member can be appointed as the editor.    Bob Brent

Proposed Amendment No. 1

April 26, 2011 04:21 PM by John M. Graham, Jr., MD, ScD

I vote yes

Editor term

April 29, 2011 05:28 PM by Thomas B. Knudsen, PhD

I am mixed. On one hand, I understand the desire to enable our current, successful editors to continue (if they like) and so from that standpoint I am in favor of the amendment.

On the other hand, the rationale for 5-year terms is not clear. It seems out of date. With e-publishing and the pace of science, what we want is a stable, experienced and effective relationship between editor-publisher-society. So I am voting against the amendment and suggest an alterate proposal, to grandfather in 3 year term re-appointments (pending council approval) without imposing a ceiling on the number of reappointments.

Reply to Bob Brent's comment

April 29, 2011 05:44 PM by Thomas B. Knudsen, PhD

We were fortunate to have 15-years leadership by Bob as our 2nd (?) Editor of Teratology, but our 3rd editor was faced with a paradigm shift to molecular biology and so the rest of the story goes a little differently ...

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