Gregg Stanwood, PhD, Receives Patricia Rodier Mid-Career Award for Research and Mentoring

Stanwood.pngCongratulations to Gregg Stanwood, PhD, Florida State University, recipient of the 2015 Patricia Rodier Mid-Career Award for Research and Mentoring!

This award honors the legacy of Dr. Patricia Rodier, a past President of the Neurobehavioral Teratology Society (NBTS) and a Council member of the Teratology Society. The award is presented during the annual joint-meetings of NBTS and the Teratology Society, and the recipient will give a presentation related to his research. It is intended that the presentation will serve as a demonstration of independent mid-career research in neurobehavioral teratology, birth defects, or other related fields.

“Dr. Rodier was a true pioneer and had a tremendous impact on me, both through her work and her sage advice,” said Dr. Stanwood. “As important as I hope my science is, it is my trainees that come first. Their success brings me far more satisfaction than any of my own. For me, this is a primary lesson from Dr. Rodier’s impressive life and legacy.”

Dr. Stanwood provided a preview of the presentation, “Developmental Causes and Consequences of Drug Abuse,” he plans to give at a joint session at the Teratology Society’s 55th Annual Meeting and NBTS 39th Annual Meeting this June in Montreal. “Abnormalities in neurodevelopmental programming contribute to developmental delays and multiple neurological and psychiatric disorders, often with symptom onset much later than the actual induction of pathology during development,” he explained. “My talk will review several genetic and pharmacological models of monoamine modulation during pre- and postnatal development, each of which produces long-lasting changes in brain function and behavioral responses,” he added.

The 2015 Patricia Rodier Mid-Career Award and Lecture will take place on Sunday, June 28 at 5:30 pm.

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