Get Involved with the Society’s Communications Efforts

One of the ways the Society is working toward achieving its goals set out in the Strategic Plan is through the implementation of a communication strategy designed by the Society’s Communications Working Group. Communications consultant Nicole Chavez will be on site at the Annual Meeting all day Tuesday and would like to know if YOU are willing to be contacted in the event of a media inquiry or communication effort related to your area of expertise. Often inquiries from the media need to be answered under very tight deadlines. Volunteers must be willing to be contacted on personal devices, such as on their cell phones, be comfortable being interviewed about their area of expertise over the phone, via email or on camera, and be willing to represent and mention the Teratology Society. Just in the last few months, Nicole has presented our Society with opportunities ranging from authoring “Is it safe” articles on to providing background information for a new teratology-based program on the History Channel. Nicole is often presented with these types of opportunities, so if you are willing to volunteer, please TEXT your first and last name and area of expertise to the following number: 619.368.3259. There is also a volunteer sign-up sheet at the Registration Desk. If you have any questions, Nicole will be exclusively with the Teratology Society on Tuesday. She would love to meet with you. Find her near the Teratology Society booth during the evening’s Poster Session.

For more details about the Annual Meeting, visit the meeting website. Information about daily activities can be viewed via the Annual Meeting Blog.

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