Rahat Wadhwa Desai Receives 2015 Marie Taubeneck Award

Rahat and Mary Alice Cropped.jpgCongratulations to Rahat Wadhwa Desai, BDS, MPH, recipient of the Marie Taubeneck Award! Desai is a PhD candidate and graduate teaching assistant in the Environmental Health Sciences Department’s Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program at the University of Georgia. She serves on the Teratology Society’s Website Committee and her advisor is Teratology Society Past President, Mary Alice Smith, PhD. “Besides my own advisor, Dr. Mary Alice Smith, Drs. William Slikker, Tom Knudsen, John Rogers and Pragati Coder have been extremely encouraging and helpful with regards to possible career directions in the future,” said Desai.

The Marie Taubeneck Award recognizes a student or postdoctoral fellow for scholarship in teratology and service to the Society. Mentors are polled for their nominations, and students vote on their choice at the Teratology Society’s Annual Meeting. The final decision is made by the Student Affairs Committee.

In addition to being recognized for her work, Desai said becoming active in the Society has helped her in ways that go beyond career development. “My initial involvement with the Teratology Society was serendipitous. After attending my first meeting in 2013, I was officially hooked,” she described. “Since 2013, it has been great attending excellent scientific lectures, meeting extremely approachable Society members and personally witnessing how well the students are treated every year. Most activities in the meeting are designed to encourage students to interact with Society members as well as other students. It has been an extremely enriching experience to be a part of this amalgam of science and kinship.”

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