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Hi All,

Please inform your colleagues, particularly those who are looking for jobs in government, that there will be an open competition to create a pool for a variety of biologist positions in Health Canada. These competitions are rarely run for a single position but successful candidates will be placed in a pool from which they can be selected for any vacant BI03 positions within Health Canada, CFIA, PHAC or other government departments or agencies. If you want a gov't job - you need to get into a pool. I do not have the descriptions of the positions to be filled but these will probably be regulatory/policy positions - not research or lab jobs. The posting will go up on the Jobs Canada website but will only be posted for a few days at most. The following text was posted in the Health Canada internal Broadcast News:

"Attention All Employees! Launch of an External BI-03 Collective Staffing Process!

We are pleased to inform you that the above-mentioned collective staffing process will be launched shortly. The poster will be active for only three (3) days and candidates will be required to apply via You will be notified via Broadcast News once the poster is officially launched.

The Executive Committee has mandated that collective staffing will serve as the means by which the majority of staffing at Health Canada will be carried out. As such, this upcoming process will be your opportunity to apply for various positions within Health Canada for the BI-03 group and level.

It should be noted that this process may be used to staff BI-03 positions at Health Canada in all regions. Currently, identified vacancies are only located within the National Capital Region.

This employment opportunity will be advertised externally and will be open to: Persons residing in Canada and Canadian citizens residing abroad. Candidates who are interested will be required to apply online at Candidates must make their own arrangements to apply. We will not be accepting mailed, emailed or faxed applications. No exceptions will be made.

Once the poster is activated, in order to access it:
Please click on the link below to go to 'Advanced Search'. Then select “Department of Health” from the drop down list for 'Organization'. A list of available processes to apply to will appear for the “Department of Health”. The BI-03 Process will be listed as "Various BI-03 Positions" under 'Job Title'.

Good Luck!"

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