Seeking Mentors for Teratology Society Trainees

Dear Teratology Society Members,

Feedback from our student and postdoc trainees indicates they desire greater opportunities for networking and interactions with Society members beyond the annual meeting, but they may not feel comfortable approaching members “cold.” To facilitate these interactions, the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) would like to compile a list of members self-identified as interested in serving as mentors for our trainees. These relationships could be as little as an occasional phone call seeking advice or information on a particular topic, to as much as developing an ongoing mentoring relationship.  This list would be posted on the Student and Postdoc Corner of the Society Website.

In addition, the SAC is starting a “Meet a Member” Blog Series where a member’s biographical sketch (including career path and other “bits of wisdom”) will be featured, allowing trainees to comment and ask questions.

If you are interested in participating in these activities, please complete the survey at the following link by December 21, 2015:

Thank you for your consideration.

Dana Shuey, PhD, DABT

Chair, Student Affairs Committee



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