Online Teratology Course Sample Lectures Available

Studying for boards? Thinking about a career in health care? Want to brush up on the basics?

The University of Cincinnati Genetic Counseling Program offers an Online Teratology Course to meet these needs. Begin and proceed at a pace that is compatible with your schedule. Enrollment is continuous. This extensive course is divided into basic developmental lectures and clinical application presentations. Each lecture is presented using a combined audio/video format using Microsoft Producer and detailed PowerPoint slides.    

Through a special agreement with the University of Cincinnati, Teratology Society members are able to "sample" this course via three 20-minute lectures available free-of-charge at the following links:

Titles of these lectures are:

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum (Schorry)

Environmental Chemicals (Dietrich)

Clinical Principles of Teratology (Saal)

Links to all three lectures may be found here:

Information about the full course, tuition and enrollment process is located here:





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