TIME magazine?? Wow! Let’s keep the momentum going…

Dear Teratology Society Members:

As you may remember, the Teratology Society planned and implemented a wide range of outreach activities starting in late December to increase awareness that birth defects are “Common, Costly and Critical” as part of January’s Birth Defects Prevention Month.

Our effort was a hit!

How do we know? Here are just a few success highlights:

  • A Society press release in late December landed a feature on TIME.com, which receives 15.6 million unique visitors monthly. The press release promoted the special issue of Birth Defects Research Part C: Embryo Today that focused on the microbiome and the role that the transfer and maintenance of normal microbiota in pregnant mothers and fetuses plays in preventing immunological, metabolic, and neurological birth defects. The TIME article featured direct links to the BDRC special edition.

  • Social media posts to keep followers on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter engaged reached a total of 9,186 users on Facebook, another 8,393 Linkedin users, and countless others on Twitter. A tweet about the microbiome article through TIME’s twitter profile went out to 9.19 million of its followers alone.

  • The Vaping in Pregnancy Birth Defects Insights blog authored by past-president Dr. John Rogers made a splash on Linkedin and resonated well with our partners and sister societies, prompting some of them to post it on their own websites, such as OTIS’ MotherToBaby.org.

Let’s keep the exciting momentum going! If you conduct research related to teratology, developmentally-mediated disorders, or reproduction, be sure to join us at our 56th Annual Meeting, “New Horizons in Birth Defects Research,” June 25-29 in San Antonio, TX. Just some of the exciting sessions planned include a special report on Zika virus and microcephaly; the increased prevalence of gastroschisis; depression and its treatment during pregnancy; new approaches to the treatment of birth defects; whole genome sequencing and precision medicine for newborns; neurodevelopmental deficits and fetal exposure to recreational drugs; and advances in placenta research.

You can share your own research too! Submit online. The abstract submission deadline is February 15th.

And don’t forget…

We are on Facebook, LinkedIn, and now also Twitter. Please join the scientific conversation by following the Teratology Society!

Thank you for all of the contributions to the teratology field and for bringing about awareness during Birth Defects Prevention Month. May all of our members continue to have a successful year of communicating the importance of the work you do. See you in San Antonio!


Tacey E.K. White, PhD

Teratology Society President




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