SLC Webinar on Precision Medicine: Getting Personal on Safety, March 1 at 11 am ET

The next Scientific Liaison Coalition (SLC) Webinar will be held on Tuesday, March 1, 2016, from 11:00 am‒12:30 pm ET USA. The Teratology Society is a member of this coalition. The webinar, Precision Medicine: Getting Personal on Safety, will be presented by Sian Ratcliffe, PhD, Pfizer, Groton, Connecticut. The webinar will be moderated by Mary Jeanne Kallman, SLC Representative from the Safety Pharmacology Society. 

As Dr. Ratcliffe notes in the abstract for this webinar, “Precision medicine integrates clinical and molecular information to better understand the biological basis of disease, and in turn, to develop medicines that can be tailored to individual characteristics of patients. Major advances in bioinformatics and computational modeling have helped precision medicine to come of age with the ability to integrate heterogeneous data from nonclinical molecular, cellular, and in vivo studies, along with clinical response and safety data, and models of human disease.”  

Dr. Ratcliffe is General Toxicology Site Lead in Drug Safety R&D at Pfizer. Prior to holding her current role, she was the Global Head of Safety Pharmacology. During her 16 year tenure at Pfizer, she also has held other senior leadership roles in Clinical Development, Safety Risk Management, and Regulatory Affairs, managing projects throughout development stages from research to post-approval in the Neurology, Psychiatry, Pain, Women’s Health, Pulmonary Vascular Disease, and Respiratory therapeutic areas.

The mission of the SLC is “improving the ability of societies to partner with other domestic and international organizations that have objectives consistent with the goal of increasing the impact of the science of toxicology to improve public health" by:

  • Strengthening partnerships among scientific- and health-based organizations to increase awareness of the impact of toxicology and related subjects on human health, and
  • Functioning as a means to enhance cooperation among societies as equals with the goal of accomplishing tasks benefiting human health and disease prevention through joint and shared activities.

This webinar is open to members of the Teratology Society through our membership in the SCL. You must register to attend.

Click HERE to register.

Recordings of previous SLC webinars are available in the Educational Webinars File Library on of BDR Connection.




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