Congratulations to the Teratology Society’s New Officers!

Dear Members,

The Teratology Society 2016 Election Ballot consisted of six outstanding candidates for three open positions. I am pleased to announce the results:

  • Vice President-Elect:  Dana L. Shuey, PhD, DABT
  • Treasurer:  Chris J. Stodgell, PhD
  • Councilor:  Bruce K. Beyer, PhD, DABT

Please join me in congratulating our new Officers.

Many thanks to Bob Parker, Christina Carruthers, and Kok Wah Hew. We are very grateful for their hard work on behalf of our Society and their willingness to run for elected office. We look forward to their continued involvement and leadership in Teratology. 

Thank you also to the volunteers on our Nominations and Elections Committee, Chaired by John Rogers, for producing such an excellent ballot.

With warm regards,

Tacey E.K. White, PhD




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