The Thalidomide Story - A Two-Part Webinar Available Exclusively to Teratology Society Members

A recorded two-part webinar now available exclusively to Teratology Society members

The thalidomide saga is complex, worldwide in its scope and changed the lives of many children and their families. The intention of this webinar is to inform and educate members of Teratology Society about thalidomide embryopathy (TE). It will be focused primarily on a study done at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden during the years of 1987 to 1989 involving 86 Swedish adults between the ages of 27 and 29 years. The original study was set up to study ophthalmological aspects of TE, especially unusual types of eye muscular imbalance, while later studies focus on other questions related to TE from different disciplines. We present the history, characteristics of TE, malformations versus exposure time, results from the Swedish thalidomide studies, animal studies, and new usage of thalidomide and show the malformations and function of some individuals with TE.

We are very thankful to the persons suffering from TE who have been willing to share their photos and films with us to illustrate the presentation. They want to contribute to increased knowledge of TE but do not want that the information might be improperly spread outside the website of Teratology Society. With the greatest respect to these people we want to stress that it is strictly forbidden to copy the photos and films of the webinar and use them outside the website.

--Kerstin Strömland, MD, PhD, and Marilyn Miller, MD

For links to the recorded webinar, speaker biographies, and a bibliography, click HERE.



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