SLC Webinar: The Safety of Dietary Supplements - POSTPONED

Scientific Liaison Coalition (SLC) Webinar

The Safety of Dietary Supplements: Focus on Liver Injury


Presented by Victor Navarro, MD

Dr. Navarro is Chairman, Division of Hepatology, Einstein Healthcare Network, Professor of Medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dietary supplements are used commonly in the US, as they are around the world, for many purposes. However, in most countries, their approved use is predicated upon a history of safety use, or at least a paucity of evidence to prove their harm. In the US, there is no requirement to prove supplement safety before marketing, and mechanisms to monitor marketed products for safety and ongoing compliance to manufacturing requirements and regulation are outstripped by the numbers of supplements, manufacturers, and outlets for their distribution. Against this backdrop, there are instances in which supplements have irrefutably caused end organ injury. As regards the liver, an organ at the forefront of biochemical detoxification within the body, there are ample reports of attributable injury. In fact, some injuries resulting from marketed supplements have been severe enough to lead to death and liver transplantation. The goals of this webinar are 1) review the regulatory framework for dietary supplements in the US and abroad; 2) discuss the types of end organ injuries that have resulted from supplements; 3) provide evidence linking some supplements and/or their ingredients to liver injury; and 4) discuss strategies to mitigate the problem of liver injury resulting from dietary supplements.

This free webinar is open to members of the societies that make up the Scientific Liaison Coalition, including the Teratology Society. Register at the following link: Registration Link

A recording of the webinar will be posted at a later date. Find recordings of past SLC and other webinars in the Educational Webinar File Library.


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