FASEB announces new database of research organism providers

by Bethany Drehman, FASEB

The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) launched a new tool to help biomedical and life science investigators identify US suppliers of research organisms ranging from algae to mice, fruit flies, and maize. The Database of US Providers of Research Organisms aids researchers searching for stock centers, living collections, and commercial providers, all of which play an essential role in providing scientists access to quality research organisms.

This new FASEB resource contains more than 120 database entries spanning the academic, nonprofit, government, and commercial sectors. Researchers can search by type of organism and use a beta search feature to query by genus and species.

“This project puts information that has generally been inaccessible at the fingertips of the entire research community,” stated JR Haywood, past FASEB President and Chair of FASEB’s Shared Research Resources Subcommittee. “Collections are a critical component of research infrastructure, and we hope this database will increase awareness.”

To suggest additional providers or update entries, please contact FASEB.

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