Teratology Society Joins Zika Coalition

The Zika Coalition, comprised of more than 65 organizations and led by the March of Dimes, has been established to promotes policies at the national level to prevent, mitigate, and address the spread of Zika virus and its health consequences, with a particular focus on preventing microcephaly and other birth defects. 

The Zika Coalition will:

  • Examine and assess the adequacy of existing and proposed federal government efforts to prevent the spread of the Zika virus and/or to mitigate or treat its effects.
  • Establish priorities for funding of such initiatives.
  • Communicate the need for such programs to the legislative and executive branches of the federal government, and the media.
  • Seek Congressional support for the Zika-related programs of interest to the Coalition, as determined by the Coalition.
  • Engage in such other related activities as may be desirable or required to fulfill the purposes and objectives of the Coalition.

For more information, please visit the Zika Coalition website.

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